Our Privacy Policy


Our Privacy Policy is very simple:


  • We will not sell, lend, give, or share your private information with anyone for any reason.

  • The only way we will provide anything to anyone is with a court order.

  • We keep all your private information encrypted.

  • We can’t even look at the private information you've stored or uploaded to your private storage area. Only your password, and the "Read-Only" password you can give to one or more trusted heirs, can access your information.

  • If you fail to renew, after the passage of a grace period, your entire storage area will be deleted and none of your posted private information will be retained.

  • The Five Points above describe and define our views and values on keeping your information private. But we are required by the government to have a lengthy, detailed, legalistic Privacy Policy.


    You can read the full Privacy Policy here.

Your Information is Private, Encrypted and Secure