Frequently Asked Questions
My aunt recently died. How do I get to see if she had a Will or Trust?
My mom gave me a password, and she just passed. How do I access her information?
I'm setting up my account, and I'm going to give my "Read-Only" password to my two adult children. But I'm sure they'll take a look at my information before I'm gone, though I've told them not to do so. I don't mind them seeing my answers to your "pre-planning" questions, because they should know those answers now, but I don't want them looking at my Will.
I'm really not too comfortable with allowing any of my relatives to see my information while I'm still alive, so I just don't want to give anyone my "Read-Only" password at this time. Does your service still work for me?
My dad just died, and his information is on A few years ago he gave me his password, but I can’t find it now. Can you provide it to me?
I am a client, and I gave my password to a relative but I no longer want him to have access to my account. What can I do?
I have an account at and I’ve uploaded my Will into my secure storage. But I now want to make some changes. Can I just write in the comments what changes I want?
I don’t have a Will. I have a Living Trust. Can I still use
I don’t have a Will or a Trust. Can I still use
What if I don’t renew because I have died? Are you going to delete my data before my relatives have time to go online and see my information?
I have my late Uncle’s password, but I just cannot get in.
I signed up a few days ago, but I want to cancel. Can I get my money back?
I used my Read-Only Password to view my mom's account after she died, but her information is old and out-of-date.
I am a lawyer who writes Wills and Trusts for my firm’s clients. Why should I encourage my clients to get on your website?
How many documents can you upload to your secure, encrypted storage?
If I run out of Storage Space, can I buy more?