Watch our video: "Robert has not prepared. Peter has."

In this video, we contrast Robert and Peter.  

Robert, who is in his 50's and feels fine, believes he has a lot more time before he needs to focus on preplanning for his death.  He's probably right.  Statistically, he'll live to a ripe old age. But he's not necessarily right, because a lot of people do die suddenly, often from causes unknown.  And if he passes unexpectedly, he'll leave his family in a “world of hurt,” because he's not left his instructions or made his wishes known.  

But Peter, also vigorous and healthy in his 50's, opened an account at and has completed our Pre-Planning Questionnaire and uploaded the documents his family will need when he passes.  He too will likely not die soon.  The statistics are working in his favor also.  But he, and his family, knows that if his journey should end today, they will be able to carry on, having his answers to all the questions and having immediate access to all his important documents.  Peter's bought this peace of mind for only $49.   Another way of putting this is that Robert is saving $49 by taking the risk that his family will be totally bewildered as to what to do should be die.  That risk is not worth it! Certainly not for forty-nine bucks!  

But many folks are not as young and healthy as Robert and Peter.  Some are in their 60's, 70's, and even 80's, and with each passing year the statistics move against them.  They know their time is limited, but they just don't think it will end so soon that they need to fill out a Pre-Planning Questionnaire right now.  Maybe next year, when they have a bit more time.  For some of them such a strategy will work out, but for others, their time will run out.

Do yourself a favor, do your family a favor, and start organizing your thoughts so your family will know what to do, and what you wanted done, if you die unexpectedly.  You can't get much for $49 these days, so we think we're a real bargain.  Give us a try.  We offer a 7-day full “no questions asked” refund, so you can give us a test-drive.  We think you'll be glad you did.  You know, there's no downside to spending $49, doing your pre-planning, and still living a whole bunch of more years!

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We Don't Compete with Attorneys -- We Help Attorneys to Help You
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